Phil Brandvold in a vest and tiePhillip Brandvold graduated with a degree in Christian Ministries and is a certified Director of Christian Education. He is currently living in St. Paul, Minnesota with his wife Bethany, where he works full time as a computer technician at a medical technologies company and writes freelance, as well as finding time to work on his own stories. He has honed his writing skills by throwing himself deeply into the craft through personal research, formal classes, and writing writing writing. When he's not writing novels, short stories, and generally trying to understand life, he enjoys playing guitar and drums, and is always looking to improve his musical interests and skills. Phil also teaches guitar to beginner and intermediate students. He has written two novels, both of which are currently in the early stages of revision, and has created many short stories and flash fiction pieces. He has been published in the online magazine Linguistic Erosion and continues to pursue publication.

Phil was born in Austin, MN to Joel and Kerry Brandvold. After his mother died due to complications with the birth, he and his father travelled a lot. In fact, due to spending so much time together in the vehicle, he began to speak and even sing at a very early age. Eventually Joel settled down in his home state of North Dakota and met Susan, Phillip’s step mother. They married when Phillip was two and a half, and a couple of years later he became an older brother to Jason Brandvold.

As he got older, Phillip  grew to love music and writing throughout his years in North Dakota. In many ways, music was the only way in which he could escape the terrors that come with attending a small town school where everyone knows everyone, and outcasts are truly cast aside. He began to play guitar in fourth grade, and picked up the alto saxophone in the fifth grade. He also took piano lessons for seven years, but claims they didn't take. He also found a passion for writing lyrics and notating music, and he embraced the creative process as he furthered his study of the arts.

Phil's writing expanded from songs to stories, and he fell in love with creative writing. He particularly enjoys writing fiction in the form of novels and short stories. In high school, Phil began trying to find his creative voice, playing around with different forms of writing and toying with different stories. In college, he participated in NaNoWriMo for the first time, writing a novel in a single month. He loved the rush of creating an entire world, filling it with characters, and watchiing them overcome the obstacles in their path. After accomplishing that novel, Phil never looked back. Since then, he has written thousands upon thousands of words to work on his craft and tell stories, and hopes not to stop anytime soon.