This post will be short, and not just because I don't feel like writing a book today (I don't). But I think that Hebrews 11 says more than I can about the topic I've chosen to write on today. If you've read Hebrews, or if you've been following my posts and read what I wrote previously, you know that I talk about faith as something that is done, not felt or thought about. So I'm going to simply ask you to read Hebrews 11, and think of one simple thing: how can you act in faith today?

This is a difficult thing to do. I'm constantly struggling with following and trusting God. Sometimes I act out of anger, fear, or mistrust. But God calls us to act in faith. Not simply reside in faith, nor think about it. Each example in Hebrews 11 shows someone doing something because God Called them to do it. God is calling you today. Are you listening? How can you act in faith?

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