On this day of tragedy

On this day 12 years ago, I was getting ready for school. I remember hearing my mother call my father into the bedroom with a frantic voice, and seeing as the door was open I went to investigate too. I saw on the dresser my parents' small television, but I remember being confused about what I was seeing.ladder 118Smoke billowed from a tall building that I couldn't name, and I watched with horror as I saw an airplane fly straight into the building next to it. My mother, father, and I stood speechless as we watched the terrorist attack on the World Trade Towers unfold on our television screen.

I didn't quite understand what it all meant, but I remember feeling confused as to why someone would fly an airplane into a building with a bunch of people in it. I couldn't comprehend what kind of person would want to be so destructive. I remember talking about it in my fourth grade classroom that morning in our "current events" section. We all wanted to share where we were when we heard the news, or what we new about the subject. But I don't think any of us really knew how much this event changed the world around us. None of us knew that it would catapult us into a bloody, costly war. Nor did we know that simple flights to see loved ones would be treated like entering the White House.

Now that I'm older, I realize just how much that day affected History. I also realize how much unrest and war there is in this world. Everywhere we look there is another news story of children being shot, people being raped and murdered, unrest and civil war, genocide, and countless other atrocities. This is a broken, fallen world. At times like these, we can't do much more than look to our God and Savior for peace and reassurance. He has promised to be with us forever, and he has promised comfort and eternal life with Him. He sends His Spirit on us to empower us to imitate Him in our daily lives, and to show the world a different way to live. And someday He will bring us all home to live forever in His presence.

"...They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore." Isaiah 2:4b

"And he who was seated on the throne said, 'Behold, I am making all things new.'" Revelation 21:5a

Come quickly, Lord Jesus.





On "real" Christians, and a shift in focus

No, this isn’t a post about “real” Christians verses “posers” or anything like that. What it is about is the false expectation of perfection expected by those who follow Christian leaders. It’s about whether or not “church workers” need to put on a face for the congregation, or have a different Facebook profile and Twitter handle: one for the church job, and one for their personal life. It’s about whether or not things need to be separated from “church” and “private life.”

Is it just me, or has the title “church worker” totally eclipsed the person wearing it? So many times I have heard “as a church worker, you will need to ____” or “church workers need to act ____”….the list goes on and on. Why is this dichotomy even recognized?

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Is God 1st, or is God All?

There is something that really really bothers me. It’s one of my “theological” pet peeves. We often say “Make God a priority in your life, and put God first.” Sometimes we even say something along the lines of “God comes first, and then the fun stuff.” This blows my mind. What we’re saying here is that we have a to do list, and we have the “fun” stuff we spend time on and we have the “Godly” boring stuff. How have we created this line?

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